- Chef Egg Live -
Virtual Cooking Events

Chef Egg Live is a virtual and interactive culinary event for private, corporate and non profit groups. Join Chef Egg online to cook a healthy and seasonally refreshing meal. Chef Egg will execute a 60 minute cooking lesson while teaching the group how to prepare a whole meal for the participants to enjoy following the class. While cooking, you will be able to ask questions and gain insight into utilizing culinary fundamentals to create a wide range of recipes Group lessons will include skill appropriate culinary fundamentals and healthy cooking techniques. The chef will supply online groups with digital recipes and equipment list several weeks prior to the event.
This is perfect for groups of all sizes and cooking skills levels.

Corporate Team Building & Conference Events, Employee & Customer Appreciation

Chef Egg wants to energize your team and teach them how to prepare vibrant recipes, learn new culinary techniques and life skills that will help them to become a more healthy, efficient and productive team. The chef will help you understand the importance of teamwork, interpersonal communication, health and wellness by creating action plans, and stepping outside of predetermined roles to create new and exciting ideas.

Chef Egg's clients include:

Option #1 -- Health and Wellness Cooking Presentations
Chef Egg will present your group with healthy recipes that will teach simple skills and techniques for preparing vegetables, grains and healthy proteins that can be translated into endless fresh and healthy meals for everyone. Great for lunch & learn and breakout sessions.

Option #2 -- Team Cooking Challenge
Chef Egg will lead teams as they create a unique menu and show off their culinary competition skills. These events are held in a professional kitchen and will combine teamwork, critical thinking and creative skills to showcase a final product. The teams will be broken down into a kitchen brigade and be lead by a team chef. Each team will create a multi-course meal and will be judged on taste, creativity, teamwork and overall presentation.

Option #3 -- Pop Up Cooking Events
Chef Egg will walk guests through the preparation of a themed, multi-course menu. Guests will work at individual cooking stations to create recipes that will teach new culinary skills and be packed with fresh flavors and techniques.

Programs are completely mobile and can be conducted on site at offices, conference halls, hotels and several hands on kitchens within the Baltimore area. Contact Chef Egg for pricing and menu options.

Chef Egg Live - College Cooking Tour

With late nights, little funds, time and energy, college students get a bad rap about how they eat. Chef Egg wants to change the way students think about the cooking process during the school year and give them the skills, outlook and motivation they need to succeed in the kitchen.

For college, university and campus activity booking, contact Neon Entertainment.

Chef Egg's "Cooking with S.T.E.A.M. Power" School Programs

Chef Egg's live cooking presentation will showcase how Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math concepts effect the how we grow, cook, and gain energy from our food. Students will learn how to prepare healthy and creative recipes using fresh fruits, vegetables, lean proteins and grains. Students will also learn how to use safe techniques in the kitchen, sanitation and nutrition.

Lessons are grade appropriate and integrate a healthy eating/cooking lifestyle into all areas of education and curriculum including S.T.E.M., Next Generation Science Standards and interdisciplinary learning.

Option #1 -- Healthy Eating 101: Fruit and Greens Smoothie (Grades K-5)
Students will understand how to prepare a fresh fruit smoothie. The chef will discuss how protein, fruits and vegetables affect the body and how a healthy diet full of colorful fruits and vegetables will make you energized and productive student.

Option #2 -- The Effects of Heat on Food: Vegetable Fried Rice (Grades 3-8)
Students will understand how to prepare vegetable fried rice and grains. The chef will demonstrate and discuss the effects of heat on food, cooking technology and preparation through the ages, international flavors, food safety, sanitation and budgets.

Option #3 -- The Science Behind Nutrition for Space Travel (Grades 3-8)
Chef Egg is going to take you on a culinary journey through the cosmos and space walk you though the S.T.E.A.M. of outer space nutrition. Through S.T.E.A.M. innovation, learn how the scientists and engineers at NASA create healthy meals for astronauts that will keep them fueled for success in space!

Chef Egg is also available for Private Chef and Corporate Marketing Services