Professional Career

At age 14, Chef Egg started his professional career working in restaurant, hotel and catering positions.  He learned how to cook at Anne Arundel Community College’s HCAT program and graduated in 2002 from the University of Maryland Eastern Shore with a BS in Hospitality Management. Through his tenacity and hard work, Chef Egg found himself spearheading culinary community outreach with Whole Foods Market, Mid Atlantic. 



Professional Career

After working in grocery and culinary event marketing for nearly a decade, Chef Egg realized that serving the community at large was his priority. He can now be found working locally with schools, non-profit and government organizations, travelling to colleges and universities throughout the country teaching students how to get cooking and at corporate/private events and conferences. He also really enjoys working with national brands such as Wolf/Sub Zero and GE/Monogram teaching industry representatives, partners and customers.

Chef Egg is a regular guest on highest rated news programs in Baltimore and Washington DC. He has also appeared nationally with Emeril Lagasse on his show Emeril Green and on the Food Network program Rewrapped.

For the past 13 years Chef Egg has proudly worked with the soldiers, families and caregivers at the Walter Reed National Medical Center and the Wounded Warrior Project. He has also cooked for the soldiers at overseas bases with Armed Forces Entertainment, Navy Entertainment, Navy Family Resilience and the Special Forces Charitable Trust.

What’s In A Name?

So, he’s not just going to teach you how to cook with eggs? Nope! Egg is a childhood nickname that was given to him by neighborhood friends. During a lazy day of swimming, the bigger kids would often toss the little ones into the air to make cannonballs.

Egg, would curl up in a ball for the big splash. All the kids said he looked just like an egg. 

So, the name stuck and the rest is history!