Kitchen Technology

Technology in the kitchen helps up to create great meals in a safe way. Fire brought humans together to form societies and helped make foods easier and more tasty to eat and digest for energy. In modern society we are now cooking with electric, gas and even magnets. The inventions of refrigerators help to keep our food fresher longer and the sewer system takes our waste away. We can grow and produce food faster and more efficient than ever and our tools get the job done quickly and safely. As we move into the future tech will play a big part in how we cook, eat and grow as a human species.

Must-Have Cooking Tools

You can purchase inexpensive, high-quality tools from most stores. I find a lot of great kitchen gear on Amazon and at stores like IKEA, Target, and the even the local grocery store. Your tools should be comfortable for you to use and should feel sturdy. Price is not always a good way to judge quality when buying kitchen tools. Signs of bad kitchenware include uncomfortable design, loose construction, and light material. You should not purchase items that feel flimsy or awkward to you.

You don’t need a lot to be a great cook, but you will need…

Kitchen Hacks/Tips/Tricks


Smell Ya Later: Remove garlic and fishy smells from your hands and cutting boards by rubbing them with fresh lemon or parsley.

Clean for Less: Clean counters and surfaces on the cheap with hot water, a small amount of vinegar and a drop of dish soap. You can wash and rinse almost anything with this mixture.

Keep Meat Juicy: When cooking meat like steak, porkchops or chicken, let it rest for a few minutes after cooking so the juices won’t spill out when you slice into it.

Keep Root Veggies Dry: Keep your onions and potatoes out of the fridge and in a brown paper bag or burlap sack in a cool, dry place.

Cut Down on Brown: Rub the outside of fruits like apples, pears, and bananas with lemon juice so they will not turn brown (oxidization) after slicing.

Ice Pack Hack: Make ice packs by freezing juice boxes, yogurt cups or pouches. To make super cool gel-like cooler packs, fill freezer bags with 5 parts water and 1 part rubbing alcohol.

Prime PB&J: Store peanut butter in the pantry for smooth spreading and jelly in the fridge for freshness. Room temperature bread is always best for a sando.

Stain-Free Skin: If handling foods like berries, beets, or carrots leaves stains your hands, try rubbing with a potato to remove the stains, 

Egg Check: If you want to see if your eggs are fresh, place them in a pot of cold water. Fresh eggs sink; old eggs will float.

Keep Greens Fresh: Wash and dry lettuce well and wrap lightly with a paper/dish towel before you store it in the fridge. When eating, put a small amount of dressing on your salad right before you eat it so it doesn’t get soggy.

Beat the Burn: After working with hot chili peppers, rub a drop of olive oil on your hands for one minute then wash your hands well with soap and water before touching anything else, especially your face and mouth, or you will burn baby burn!